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Get A Backpack

Traveling light is the smart thing to do when you’re a nomad. You wouldn’t want to weigh yourself down with unnecessary items. The best backpacks you can find are the ones with multiple compartments because you can easily separate materials.

The items you need are:

  1. Water Container
  2. Weapon
  3. Food (Cans If Available)
  4. Extra Clothes
  5. Anything Tradable
  6. Rope

The tradable pieces are useful when you encounter a nearby city. Paper money will be obsolete. Metals and items of value will be the only source of currency. It would be wise to have something tradable incase the hunting grounds are bare and water sources are contaminated.

Rope you will need if you decide to sleep in a tree (previous Post). Also, rope can be used to set up traps. You have no idea what dangers will present themselves, but the best method to ensure your survival is to be prepared.

There is a good chance you will be on the run for your life at one point. Having unneeded weight can be a definite way to get yourself killed. Travel light, travel smart is the best motto when picking out your survival gear.

Joe Reyes



Survival Guide Preview

Being able to survive in the world of Aftermath is difficult. Every day is an unpredictable battle with the man and nature. The characters in the story envelope these principles and have survived the first 5 years because of them. Hopefully you read these quick tips and you’ll be ready if what I wrote becomes a reality.

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