Justin Character Info

Justin is the character that allows you to see the military’s point of view. Justin has been wandering around with his fiancé Amy since the bombs fell. Justin was difficult to write about because during the planning, he didn’t have a whole lot going on. However I have found a way to get him right into the mix of the plotline, more so in book two.

In Aftermath, Justin’s main focus is Amy’s safety. They have been making their way from one side of the country to the other looking for somewhere safe. The US government has many safe zones scattered around the country still. A heavily protected area is exactly what they are looking for. With the ensuing battle going on in the country, it is time consuming to navigate around the fighting to get where they need to.

The sequel will throw Justin into the middle of the fight. I envisioned him to be a passive character at first and then changes from all the fighting and what else I throw at him. Justin is like Ian when I planned him. At first I didn’t know what to do with him, but after a few days of planning I found a great path to put him on and interesting characters to make him react to.

Joe Reyes

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