Eventually Pick A Side

First there will be utter chaos and then civilizations will rise up. You can do the “lone wolf” act for a while, but after the chaos starts to dwindle down, you MUST pick a side. Armies and communities will start to quickly spring up. Wars WILL tear most of the country apart. The goal of a war is to implement your principles and beliefs as the new mentality of the area. You have to find out what side of the war you want to be a part of.

First you have to understand who you really are and what you stand for. Do you want to change the way things were previously run? Do you want to follow a new set of rules? What are the major armies in play? Can you safely become a part of that group?

If you can’t find a group that embodies your beliefs, then the next best thing is to start your own army. You must find people who you can help see your vision of the future and follow your command. Becoming a visionary is incredibly hard. You have to be able to “inspire” to get others to join your cause and “terrify” to make enemies bow down to you at the same time.

Joe Reyes





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