Ron Character Info

Ron was the second character that I wrote about. He was originally a quick one page short story about someone in a post-apocalyptic story. The story was called Even Heroes Get Hungry, and it was about a man fighting for food in the wilderness. The story was to illustrate how sensible people will do irrational things for food.

I was writing the Ian story when I decided to put Ron in the mix, because I really liked his character. I wanted Ron to be young, around 10 years old. I wanted his parents to be dead, forcing Ron to be on his own.

Ron was an interesting journey because he doesn’t know much. Everything he learns is in the woods. He stays away from people, because he doesn’t trust them. How could he? He’s been independent since the tragedy, which everyone is out for themselves.

When Ron gets in contact with a group of rebels it’s difficult for him at first. He has never been a part of a “group” before. At first he is thinking how he would get away from them. But then, as things progress, those feeling disappear.

Ron started off as a little boy with a knife to a little boy with a machine gun. Through Ron, you get to see into the army of Cortez. He is the only character in book one who is up close and personal with the leader.

Joe Reyes

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