An Empty Gun Is Still Terrifying

Guns will be hard to find, but bullets will be rarer and more valuable after the bombs fall. The problem is you can’t tell if an enemy’s gun is empty or fully loaded. You’re first thought should always be “that gun might be loaded,”

If someone is hesitant to pull the trigger, that doesn’t mean the gun is empty. Since bullets are rare, most people wouldn’t want to waste them if they don’t have to. Intimidation is the most aspect when using a gun, especially if it is empty. You must make your target believe that you have a fully loaded gun with ammo to spare.

Most would just rob you for some water or food. The best way to handle an attacker with a gun is to defuse the situation. Give your attacker what they want, if it’s not too outrageous, then kill your attacker when they feel like they have won.

Joe Reyes


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