Sara Character Info

Sara might be my favorite character of Aftermath. She also had the biggest change from planning her out to actually writing her character. Originally, Sara was going to be the leader of a cannibal gang. She was ruthless and led this band of horrible human being to just total destruction.

I don’t know exactly what made me change her to the innocent little girl, but I loved how it turned out. She was such a depressing character to write that I almost felt bad at times putting her in such terrible situations.

I needed to make her a “feel bad” character and watch her overcome and fight on through all the obstacles that are put in front of her. That might’ve been the reason for altering her personality. So I surrounded her with the cannibal gang called the Savages, led by a man named Marcus, who used Sara as a sex slave.

She had an ongoing secret relationship with a woman in the camp, Penny, who is one of the head chefs there. Her specialty, you ask? How to cook people. They keep their relationship private because Marcus would have them both killed.

Joe Reyes

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