Sleep Is A Luxury You Can’t Afford

Unless you live in a heavily fortified homestead surrounded by an army of well-trained soldiers, then you are never safe in the world of Aftermath. Count your blessings every day you survive in the new world. The last thing you want to do is be killed in your sleep. The key is where to find a few hours of well-deserved rest?

The first thing you must do is scout the area you are planning on sleeping in. Is it near a water source? How close is it to a settlement? Is there any wildlife in the area? Can you use nature as cover? Do you have people with you who can stay awake while you sleep? Can you create a makeshift alarm system? All these questions must be answered before you shut your eyes for a moment.

Water sources attract people and animals. Unless you have a group of survivors or a settlement nearby, water isn’t the most ideal place to rest your head by. Everything needs water to survive, so it’s not the smartest idea to take a nap near water.

Smart settlements send out scouting parties to make sure the surrounding area is safe. Depending on the size of the settlement, the range of the scout parties change. More importantly, you don’t want to be caught sleeping in the path that the people might walk down every morning down.

Animals kill for food just like people do. They’re predators that will attack you when they get hungry. Sometimes marking the territory will deter them. Fire is another big thing to scare most animals from coming over to you. But be careful where you set your fires, especially at night, you may attract people’s curiosity with a beacon of fire.

The best place to take a nap in the woods is in a tree, but it is dangerous if not done correctly. You have to be able to fasten yourself so you won’t fall off in the middle of a deep sleep. A simple belt or rope should be enough to keep you in place. Hopefully, you aren’t the kind of person who tosses and turns in their sleep.

Staying in a group is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep. This ensures you are able to take a well-deserved rest and not wake up to the sound of your feet being gnawed off by a pack of dogs.

An alarm system will surround a space where you are sleeping and wake you up when someone passed into it. An effective idea is to boarder your sleeping area with twigs and kindling. These are easy to find if you’re planning on sleeping outside. The weight of the intruder will break the sticks and hopefully wake you up.

The quiet sound of nature is easily broken by even the lightest creatures. Use this to your advantage. Take short naps until you find an ideal spot to sleep. Follow these steps and you might survive to see the sun rise again.

Joe Reyes

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