Carmen Character Info

Carmen was the last character I created for the story. She lives in the town of Riverfield just like Ian, and is captured early on in the story unlike Sara, Carmen isn’t the sex slave character who is constantly abused. I didn’t want to have the repetition of two characters with a similar story like that.

I was afraid Carmen’s plot wasn’t that intriguing in the planning stages. I had to pair her up with a few other characters. Carmen isn’t a lead character, but I felt she was a good “go along with” character. She isn’t a fighter, doesn’t have a major role in the war, isn’t a leader, Carmen was just an innocent girl thrust into a bad situation.

The sequel is where Carmen is thrown more into the action of the story. I’m hoping with the situations I put her in, she can blossom and start to become a ruthless survivor like everyone else. I wanted to give Carmen a good set of morals so I can create a total change in her personality based on what I put in front of her.

Even though I didn’t give Carmen world class fighting skills or a terribly sad backstory, I still enjoyed writing her. I would like to have her be a larger part of the overall storyline in the sequel, but don’t want to push her. I need to gradually mold her little by little into a more savage character for all I’m planning on throwing at her.

Joe Reyes

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