Alice Character Info

Alice is that badass chick that would scare the crap out of most men. She is on a constant quest for revenge against the rebel leader, Cortez. Shortly after the bombs fell, Alice and her husband were attacked by Cortez and her husband was killed.

The military took Alice in and gave her the freedom to take down Cortez. Her journey has been long and bloody, but she still hasn’t found Cortez yet. Alice is a lone freelance sniper who learned her skills from her husband.

The only time Alice returns back to the military base is to get more supplies. Pental Base, is one of the biggest military bases in Aftermath. It was converted out of an airport and houses mostly soldiers for hire.

Alice doesn’t sleep or relax. She spends her days interrogating enemy soldiers looking for Cortez’s location. She knows there is a main base somewhere, but hasn’t found anyone who knows the location. Cortez has many sub-factions that work for him and Alice picks them apart one by one. What Alice does not know are the consequences of killing Cortez.

Joe Reyes

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